The best thing about this new age of fashion is the fact that you can wear whatever you want, fearless. Despite all girls with a lack of creativity walking around clueless in boring outfits , it is nice to see what fashion conscious people have been wearing all around the globe. This time we chose the "neon trend" - we hope it inspires you as much as it inspired us. More after the jump.

If you're scared of neon clothes, what about starting with a bag? Think about you highlighters you use at school and pick a bag in the hue. It will instantly update your look. A neon pop up is a good solution for discreet girls.

Want to get inspired by someone? Miroslava Duma, the queen of color blocking can be a good start. Nobody wears colors as well as she does. She is the perfect of example of how to wear neon - and colorful outfits in general - and still look gorgeous. Get inspired by her outfits and accessories choice for unexpected combination of colors. It will make any day happier. Someone else you should definitely keep your eyes at: Solange Knowles.
the best way to wear neon in your day by day. You'll keep it discreet and will wear everything you want as long as you keep in mind that less is more. Low profile is the word, you can look stunning without mixing 10 different colors. Alternate a bright color with a denim piece or any other neutral pieces (grey, black, off white, denim). Don't pollute your look with too much information.

The Jil Sander look on the left side is one of my favorites. How gorgeous does she look? Love the way they styled it. Very clean, minimalist and chic. Love it. On the right side, a chilled version of the look with denim hot pants. It works for everyone... you can always find something in denim to wear with your blouse. Experiment with different lengths.

In fashion there are no rules. The rules are your imagination. You can invest in a bag, belts and accessories in neon. It will work better than you think!

Andy from stylescrapbook in her best DIY project: a beautiful shirt dress with a neon cut. You if you having good sewing skills you'll have some fun doing it.

A touch of neon to an almost all black outfit will also give a different and cool touch to your outfit. It's also a good way to get something without spending too much money. Shoes, a top, a bag, it doesn't matter, you can go as far as your budget allows you.

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