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Top 10 Looks for AW'12 by Giovanni Frasson

I know it's mid Summer everywhere, and this is why I haven't said that these are the top 10 looks picked by Giovanni Frasson, fashion director at Vogue Brazil for Fall. Regarding that the Brazilian Winter is a joke when compared to the northern hemisphere lower temperatures, in the end you can wear pretty much everything the whole year, layering a little in the Winter and wearing whatever you are able to in the Summer. Who I am to tell you what you can or cannot wear? Let´s see Giovanni's choices, after the jump.

1. Tufi Duek is a Brazilian fashion designer born in 1954 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is creator of the Triton and Forum (marketed outside Brazil as Tufi Duek) brands, which have an international following. Launched 20 years ago, the label is known for its high quality denim and more fashionable night dresses. When Tufi Duek launched his second line “Triton” which is targeted for the young and preppy customer, he decided to change Forum from the pop culture icon it had become to exploring a true Brazilian identity, where sensuality plays a strong role. Its carefully produced collections are odes to the country's femininity.

2. Pedro Lourenço was born with fashion pedigree. He’s the son of Brazilian fashion designers Gloria Coelho and Reinaldo Lourenço, and he’s a young name that always garners interest – partly because of this, but partly because he got his fashion career cooking from a very young age. The story goes that he created his first fashion collections between the ages of 7 and 10, designed one at the age of 12 for Carlota Joakina at Sao Paulo Fashion Week, before showing there himself in 2005. 

3.Alexandre Herchcovitch Over a ten-year career, Brazilian fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch has gone beyond every limit and has no trouble finding fresh ideas to outdo himself every season.From his graduation fashion show to his presentations during Sao Paulo Fashion Week and through the popular Prêt-a-Porter Paris, his style adds new experiments and very thorough cut, modeling and selection of material.
His evolution may be corroborated in the t-shirt with a skull pattern (Sao Paulo’s underground icon in the early 90s), when the designer became known for his designs for prostitutes and transvestites, as well as in the festival of volumes and folds, contrasting with a dry contour occasionally lessened with A lines.
In relation to the series of fluctuations shown by Alexandre Herchcovitch, it is impossible not to mention his incursion into the world of latex (liquid rubber extracted from Amazon rubber trees), used in a number of garments that reveal his interest in art, in working a fashion language to communicate personal ideas and concepts. Click here for a retrospective post from Herchcovitch's work.

4.Andrea Marques Andrea is one out the top names on editors and buyers fashion radar, and has been pointed by WGSN as a Brazilian fashion designer with global potential. Her fashion career started in the 1990’s when she joined Maria Bonita Group in Brazil just after returning from her specialization at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Before launching her own label, Andrea worked for 15 years as the design director for Maria Bonita Extra, the contemporary line of the respected label Maria Bonita. In 2008, the designer debuted her own label at Fashion Rio. Since then, she is in the spotlight. Ms. Marques is known for creating a chic carioca style (carioca means people born in Rio de Janeiro) for cosmopolitan and independent women from anywhere in the world. Her silhouettes are very feminine, and many of her pieces made of fluid fabrics are famous for exploring the women sensuality. 

5.Ellus São Paulo–based Ellus means "link chain" in Portuguese, and the company prides itself on the idea that everything it does is related to the the notion of shared creativity. It is the leading brand in the market of premium jeanswear. Ellus Jeans Deluxe are presented throughout Brazil and abroad in shops in Japan, the United Arab Emirates. Switzerland, Chile and Angola.
Ellus started as a “customized” painted or embroidered t-shirt brand. From that humble beginning, it grew into an underground fashion group that sponsors and supports young designers in Brazil. Started in 1972 as a line of embellished T-shirts, it expanded to jeanswear, and became the company that introduced stone washed jeans in Brazil in 1981.
Advertising has always been important part for the brand. In 1989, top model Cindy Crawford appeared in a campaign, when he was at the top of her career. During the 1990s, further top models like Milla Jojovich, Kate Moss and Alek Wek advertised for Ellus. Ellus has several labels, including the denim line "ellusjeansunlimited," and "Ellus 2nd Floor," a limited-edition line that features collaborative pieces with young Brazilian artists and designers 

6. Osklen It is precisely the perception of the integrated nature, culture and society, with refined aesthetics, that makes Osklen be considered one of the ten most influential and inspiring brands in the world by WGSN and identified as "Future Maker" by the WWF-UK. Its casual-chic style is found in stores and franchises in Brazil, Europe, the United States, and Japan, all offering not only clothes, but an authentic and genuine Brazilian lifestyle both contemporary and cosmopolitan at the same time.The brand was first recognized for its international quality and new concepts in sports, action, and adventure added to urban styles. Soon Osklen would naturally follow a path in the search for innovative design and Osklen Collection was conceived, with conceptual items made in its style workshop with sophisticated materials, special finishes, and exclusivity. Since 2003, Osklen has presented its collections at Sao Paulo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion event in Latin America.Osklen’s style is expressed in the crossover of the different elements that are part of the daily life of its Creative Director, Oskar Metsavaht.

7. Reinaldo Lourenço The cultural originality, the unity of materials and his rebuilding of vintage form the basis of their futuristic concept that mix the past and future. The collections of Reinaldo Lourenço are always a highlight in the São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW), which participates since the event’s first edition, in 1996. Reinaldo is constant reference in matters of fashion and publishing in the journals, magazines and sites more appraised in Brazil and in the world. His last two shows (winter 2008 and summer 2009) caused criticism’s admiration so that he was elected one of the best of the seasons. The ability of innovation and transformation to each collection is amazing.
8.Animale is a Brazilian fashion brand that was founded by the brothers Claudia, Roberto and Gisela Jatahy in 1999, when they decided to open their first shop in Leblon. Nowadays, Karlla Girotto is the Creative Director of the brand and responsible for the collection, which are presented during the Sao Paolo Fashion Week. With a strong investment in style, textile technology, image and communication, the brand is among the five largest companies in fashion of Brazil, producing approximately 3,000 pieces per day and around 2 million pieces per year. Their collections are based on strong modern appeal with versatile pieces that can be use for any occasion.

9.Triton  is the main line of the fashion designer Tufi Duek. It is dedicated to a younger audience compared to the diffusion line Forum. Tufi Duek founded the brand in Sao Paulo in 1975, when he was just 21 years old. In the early stages Triton produced only t-shirts. Later the collection expanded to include also Jeans and accessories. The collection is created by a team of stylists presented by Karen Fuke (Director), Mirella Katzender, Léo Sgotti, Bruan Bolsonare and Vanessa Cachiello.Triton launched two collections every year, which are shown regularly at the Sao Paulo Fashion Week. 

10.Printing founded in 1994 by Marcia Queiroz, the brand has grown and expanded from Minas Gerais to the rest of the world at the beginning because ot its silk dresses. Nowadays the brand employs more than 110 people, and has stores in all Brazilian capitals and major cities.Among its internationals clients  are Sak's stores in New York and Dubai, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman Barney'se. 

I don't want to force anyone to like Brazilian Fashion, I just thought it might be interesting to show a little bit more from our designers. 

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