another summer day

Tired of my first week off school. I miss my deadlines and all the reading, I am the kind of person who needs tasks to accomplish. Good news: I've been waiting since Christmas for a Package from Germany. It arrived yesterday. 
7 months late!!! Can you believe?! Regardless, it was sooo nice to get to finally read my Christmas cards and getting my Christmas gifts including a chanel lipstick, a camel coat, a gorgeous blouse, some haribo - there's no Haribo in Brazil - and other German goodies which I'm in desperately need. 

The summerish outfit describes perfectly the weather we've been having since a week. Winter  have temporarily left us and we're now experiencing an awesome summer week. So I can't really anything besides my jeans shorts.
So that's it! I am gonna leave you guys alone now and watch a couple of movies. I am flying home on Tuesday for a bit of summer feeling! I can't hardly wait! 18 days home!

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