Tips on how to wear jeans or any other denim pieces right after the jump.
Get something bright instead of the old good blue denim, it is easy to combine because everyone's closet is full of basic t-shirts and sweatshirts which you can easily put in on top. Love how Jessica Alba wears her pink pants with this black leather vest and a normal t-shirt. Dakota Fanning also masters the mint pants with a basic tee and a big black Chanel bag on her shoulders. Taylor Swift and Lauren Conrad keep it casual and simple, changing the result opting for a colored version of blue jeans.
Cropped or cuffed up, this is the way I like it... not just me as you see. It is easy to wear, it looks cool and it works extremely well with ballerinas and sandals. For Fall/Winter just trade your sandals and flats for ankle boots or boots, it will still look gorgeous. A good skinny is also a very good investment: you won't take it off. Whenever you find the perfect one, get two.
I really love the way black jeans look with a denim shirt. Amazing. Love all the looks, especially Miranda Kerr's basic look, with a denim jacket  and black pants. Love it.
This is a trend I also like a lot. The all jeans or jeans on jeans works well and you can also combine a jacket instead of a denim shirt. It will look great and keep you warm. You can choose a looser shirt as the girls in the second and the third look or go for a shorter version as Reese Whiterspoon and the lady in the last picture have done.
A good person to get inspired from is Kate Bosworth and her 1001 different denim combinations. Miroslava Duma might be the Queen of the color blocking though nobody could possibly beat Bosworth in the subject denim.
Mrs. McCartney showing that is possible to wear jeans and look extremely chic, you just need to choose the right accessories as she did. Rachel Zoe has also developed a very particular dress code.
Rachel wears flare pants most of the time combined with gorgeous accessories. Her trick is the same as Emmanuelle Alt's: their accessories choice.
Brazilian Vogue June's Issue has also a 6 pages article about jeans and basically on how to master the high low style wearing your goold old friend.
Vogue Brazil - high low: jeans
Denim accessories and the modern high low effect created with shoes in 3D (as the Yves Saint Laurent above) that you can daily wear with your jeans - folded up will look even better. This is the magic of denim. Emmanuelle Alt, French vogue's editor it's a fan of the  high low style, combining jeans with gorgeous jackets and blazers.. - I personally love her style.
Vogue Brazil - high low: jeans
Inès de la Fressange wears her cuffed colored cigarette pants, nothing is tight, all is very loose and comfortable. This is what I love about her style, it's simple and it works, she is never wearing too much. And sure with this return of jeans for all occasions, summer in hot pants and shorts and in the rest of the year, for all occasions, premium brands as Acne, Rag & Bone, J. Brand and Zadig&Voltaire have introduced a new concept of jeans.
Vogue Brazil - high low: jeans
John John is the everyone's darling from Brazil with its thousand different washings while Isabel Marant is the synonym of premium jeans in the international scene.The french designer flirts with all possibilities and brings every season a new hit with different washings, applications and textures.  (Right) Vogue tips: Avoid cliches. Invest in a tailored dress or get inspired by Chanel's last collection, full of denim pieces.

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Victoria disse...

For me denim is one of those things that is good to invest in something good and that fits right. I love jeans! Timeless and comfy you can't go wrong with them :)

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