the collar trend

Collars have been trending for the last few seasons and they're set to be huge in autumn/winter 2012 whether they're embellished, detached or in contrasting colours. We picked a couple of looks and enjoy!

Last summer, peter pan collars were big and since then, the trend has continued on with designers offering their spin on it. The great thing about collars is, it makes everyone look put together and with funky textures and colors, they're also wearable outside the office.
the trio - leather jacket + sweather + collars

Want to make it simple? Choose unusual collars that make your button-ups anything but ordinary. These intriguing accents are not only eye-catching, they're also an easy way to add visual intrigue to a relatively minimalist look
Victoria Leeds from stylemarmalade
For a crisp look, choose the traditional pointed collar. Experiment with color and print.

You can ear it with your regular jeans and cozy sweater for a more laid back look; the girl in the middle went for one of the greatest combinations for Fal: black shorts and black opaque tights, the result is lovely. Anf the girl on the right side, wearing this gorgeous black coat and jeans, with a point collared blouse popping up.
For a sweeter result, go for a peter pan collar, which means a rounded collar rather than a pointed one. It's girlier, but it's also a fun way to add a little flirtiness to severe dresses, or make a sheer dress a bit playful.

 Put on an embellished necklace with a fuzzy sweater for a layered look.
 Try a collared shirt with embellishment, and tuck it into a pair of sexy leather leggings, or go a bit more proper with a full skirt. Regardless of what you choose on the bottom, people will be drawn to your neckline, so make sure your hair and makeup are spot on.

Hanneli Mustafa wearing a point collared blouse with a grey sweater and adding some hue with a nice colorful bag.

Add an embellished collar necklace to your all-black ensemble to add sass to monochrome separates.
Alexa Chung  and the collar trend in 4 different versions

Louis Vuitton, Balmain and Givenchy

Clémence Poésy, Chloë Sevigny, Elisabeth Olsen and Nicole Richie

Emma Watson and Twiggy

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www.modediktat.de disse...

wow - such a great collage of collars!!! :) hard to chose here - i prefer the simple version of a white silk shirt with a black collar - or a black shirt with a white collar. what i cannot stand anymore are studded collars, it was nice to spot one here and there in the beginning but at the moment they're over the peak.
btw - could you change your comment functions, so one could leave comments with name/url as well? :) happy weekend!

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