the week in pictures

the week in pictures
A little bit of my almost one week in Brasilia.
It was about time. How amazing is to catch up with old and new  friends, drink some beers, enjoy the weather - even though it wasn't the ideal weather for Brasilia- visit old and new places, go shopping! ahhh, such a lovely week. Had a lovely afternoon with Lari Cunegundes (1, 2, 3), who used to be one of our editors and is now at Salada de Paetê. If we are lucky she is going to share her mix tapes with us whenever she can! cross your fingers ladies! I've decided to explore a little bit of my city after too many years abroad without being time enough to get bored and wanting to keep distance... for now I want to finish my Semester and enjoy my first Summer not in Europe in many years... I am gonna make the best out of this very annoying Summer.

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