Fall 2012 Trend Report : Velvet

by Larissa Cunegundes
Fall 2012  Trend Report  - Velvet 
No doubt that one of the hottest trends for this Winter is going to be the velvet pierces. Velvet is a classic  that has again taken the  fashion world. The latest Fashion Weeks - Rio , Copenhagen  and Stockholm , London, Reykjavik, Paris, Milan: in short, it was everywhere. Larissa Cunegundes selected the best looks from all the season. More after the jump.

Lots of Brazilian brands have also invested  the velvet trend for this Fall: Águatha, Animale, Farm, Huis Clos, Le Lis Blanc, Reinaldo Lourenço and Tufi Duek are some of the names who invested in the classic fabric.
Let´s start with Huis Clos, which presented a collection inspired by vintage lingerie, everything very beautiful and irresistible to fans of  minimalist-chic pieces.  Huis Clos used as base a  silk velvet worked with a palette of colours consisted of sand, a mix of grays and brown nuances.


Another show from Fashion Rio which has drawn the attention of all of us here from onbeauty: Animale with a very sophisticared and luxurious show inpsired by the unique atmosphere of Russia´s Capital Moscow. Velvet was the centre of Animale´s Fall RTW Collection, the brand showed us how to wear velvet: Devore velvet, Silk velvet, crystal and a very soft -wet velvet shaped the gorgeous pieces of Animale´s Fall 2012  Collection. Very glamourous!
Animale RTW Fall 2012

And meanwhile, in the Parisian Fashion Week, Akris, Balmain, Chloé among others, invested in pieces made of velvet.                                                                     
Akris RTW Fall 2012

Balmain RTW Fall 2012
Chloé RTW Fall 2012

Some celebrities and it girls have been a little faster and have already taken their velvet pieces out of the closet for this end of Winter and beginning of Spring. Angelina Jolie wear a black velvet Versace dress with a slit in the side that went all the way up to her hip. Emma Watson, Leighton Meester and our favourite it girl Alexa Chung are just some of the names we could place in our list.
Velvet Trend: Angelina Jolie and Alexa Chung

Emma Watson and Leighton Meester also in Velvet - Leighton is wearing a version of Nina Ricci


Day: Skirts are the best option for being discreet. Prefer neutral colours  and pop up the colors using your accessories. Might work better than crazy and looking just cheap.
Velvet Trend Report - Velvet Skirts

Night: tuxedos, blazers, dresses, pants, dresses - now you can loose touch and go a little crazy! Just do not EVER forget: LESS IS MORE.

  •  Just mix velvet pieces with the same texture! DO NOT FLIP OUT!
  • Combine your velvet pieces with lighter clothing, it is better to combine your  velvet pieces with clothings made of simple materials... less is more.. one more time.
  • I know some of you are normal people who know how to style yourself, however to the crazy ones, who ignore the weather and the occasion, do not wear velvet when it is too hot. You´re gonna melt.
  • And if you are out of shape be careful, sometimes velvet is an eye catcher to our muffin tops.

The Velvet Trend : velvet dress for everyone! just find YOUR perfect macth

And for discreet ladies: you can use and abuse of velvet in accessories like shoes, sandals, handbags, ribbons... you all know that when it comes to accessorize a trend, sometimes the result is even better, because it is not so obvious!

Velvet Trend Report : velvet accessories

 Haute Couture X Velvet

Do you like velvet? Let us know your opinion and ideas.Share your thoughts ladies.

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