blogwatch: blogs of the week

blogwatch - blogs of the week
Sunday morning a nice coffee and some new reads. If you know them, well done, if not, take a look at these bloggers we found: Jessy and Alice from Poland, Clementine from France, Maria from Finland and Jasmin from Berlin, Germany. We hope they inspire your week. Have lovely Sunday! More after the jump.

Jessy Mercedes - jemerced
German/Polish stylist, personal shopper, fashion blogger living in Poland blogging about her style and the things she likes. If you didn't know her blog this is you chance to take a look! A must read.

Alice Mary - alicepoint
Another Polish lady with style. A very inspirational blog.  Her style is very urban and the blog is very rich in pictures. Click here for more.

clementine collinet - fruity-girl
I love how Clementine Collinet's effortless style,  from Fruity-girl,  ends up being so cool without costing a fortune. It might be this french thing, I mean, everybody know how effortless chic french women can be. Clementine is here to confirm it. 

maria riivan - cloudbusted
Maria Riivan, a 19-year-old Finish girl know how to get dressed. Even though most of her pictures are taken inside - you will find endless inspiration and my favourite pieces from her blog: her shoes!

Jasmin - my berlin fashion
Jasmin is just 17! This Berliner girl who loves vintage will show you her berlin-fashion  + lots of picture of my beloved Berlin.

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oh thank you so much! :) you made my day <3

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