the best of the week: celebrity style

the best of the week: celebrity style
The best pasrt of this new era of the internet is that we are not just able to connect with friends and people from all over the world as well as we can keep updated to the stars style. Diane Kruger, Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr, Elizabeth Olsen, Olivia Palermo and much more right after the jump.

Diane Kruger, Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr
Diane Kruger in a Derek Lam dress, Jessica Alba showing her color-mixing skills and Miranda Kerr with this super laid back outfit.

Katharine McPhee, Lea Seydox and Michelle Williams
 Why did we pick the outfits above? Katharine McPhee turned a simple outfit in a gorgeous spring statement look: her shoes are modern and the color gives it a modern touch in contrast to the romantic look of her skirt. Lea Seydox proved that less is more and showing less skin is more interesting than exposing your whole body. Michelle Williams mastering again this retro look. Love her dress.

Nicole Richie, Zoe Saldana and Lou Doillon
 Nicole Richie showing why she has never left the fashion scene: this girl got style! Zoe Saldana kept it simple and looked beautiful! And Lou Doillon wearing Marni for H&M with this gorgeous sandals: very inspiring for spring!

Elizabeth Olsen, Olivia Palermo and Jenna Lyons

Elizabeth Olsen wearing The Row... velvet is amazing and she is also really pretty and talented, but we cannot forget: she is 23! She looks old in this beautiful velvet outfit. Olivia Palermo has her own place in the fashion world: the american super annoying socialite knows exactly how to rock in all her outfits choices! And the last one, Jenna Lyons, this outfit is sooo pretty. It might be the mix of patterns, colors or this (hopefully fake!) fur scarf.. it doesn´t really matter. We love it!

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