Is Natalie Portman married?

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millerpied - did they get secretly married?

Did she? Depends on who you ask.But according to her jeweler, the answer is apparently a resounding yes she did!

Seemingly putting a quick end to the sudden onslaught of speculation that Natalie Portman and baby daddy Benjamin Millepied quietly tied the knot, jeweler Jamie Wolf today confirmed that the rings the Oscar-worthy couple wore to this weekend's ceremony were indeed wedding bands.  According to Eonline,  the couple have not commented on the newly and rather conspicuously bejeweled fingers of the duo from Sunday's red carpet. And they're not likely to anytime soon.
A search of marriage licenses in Los Angeles County also failed to turn up any definitive proof of a ceremony (albeit of a New York-based couple) of the long-betrothed beauties.

Wolf—who incidentally is an old dancer pal of Millipied's and who
Did Natalie Portman get married?
presumably may end up fielding a call or two from Portman's people later today—has graciously filled in the gaps, confirming to E! News that she designed a platinum band for Millepied and the custom two diamond bands that nestle around Portman's massive (and also Wolf-designed) engagement ring.
Both of the environmentally-conscious duo's rings are eco-friendly, and are made with both recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds.
However, while she referred to the baubles as wedding rings in a release sent to People, she's seemingly backing off of commiting to future use of that term.
"I designed the rings worn by Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman," she told E! News. "I can neither confirm nor deny the marriage of Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied, as that is not information I am privy to. I designed rings for the couple and cannot attatch meaning to those items."
In any case, congrats, you two. That is, if congratulations are indeed in order.

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