Rag & Bone + AnOther Magazine

With a fashion industry full of big budget campaigns, it’s easy to overlook the power of the unaffected image. The Rag & Bone D.I.Y Project serves as a reminder. Launched earlier this summer by the likes of Abby Lee Kershaw and Miranda Kerr, the project saw the girls packed off on holiday with a bag of Rag & Bone clothes and asked to get snap happy in the surroundings that inspired them.

Now, AnOther Magazine have taken the project one step further by selecting five vibrant personalities to mirror the original concept. Working within the fields of fashion, music and art, the second exclusive installment sees Susie Bick, Anna Calvi, Quentin Jones, Tali Lennox and Aymeline Valade hand pick their favourite denim pieces from the Autumn / Winter collection, resulting in a series of unique but equally intimate photographs and short clips.(dazed digital)

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Cátia Couto disse...

thanks for the comment! i love this idea :)
I had no idea about the Rag&Bone project!


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