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Here you can check the 20 best R29 stories from 2011. They've choosen among 11,000 posts this year, and you can see the result as mentioned.

Fabsugar wants you to pick the best designer of the year. By voting, you will be choosing, as they said, who gets the honors of the year.

It's hard to pick one cover from Vogue 2011 to be called the best. Vogue UK reviews its covers from 2011, and again, you can pick the best. 

Vogue Brazil also asked its reader which cover was their favorite, and here you can see the numbers and the covers.

Vogue Mexico doesn't review its covers, the Mexican version picks the 12 style icons from 2011. Here for spanish and here for english.

 And for US residents -from everywhere- aparentely, on moday H&M is gonna open their stores at 8 AM  offering the first 100 people in line a scratch-off coupon for up to $300. They're also promising skirts and tops from $5; dresses, pants and knits from $10; and blazers from $15. [Racked Inbox] 


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