in 2012....

 I want to spend more time outside, eating, tanning, reading, i need to stop being this couch potato I am! inviting friends, making a picnic, it doesn't really matter what I am gonna do... the most important thing is to enjoy the Summer!

 Tea, water, juices...  
Not so much coffee for me in 2012! I am such a coffee freak.. it's time to get a little lower on caffeine...

and to be honest, more than studying or reading, I need to stop skipping classes, is just that sometimes is so hard to go to the university... argh... I haven't found anyone I really like in here.

 I want a kimono!!! - I've dying for one!

 I'm also dying to get some handmade bags.. oh dear, this is the good old hippie side of myself screaming out: we need one!

I write letters to all my dear friends...  and SEND them.
 I also want - and I will work and get one!- a camera... it's so lame to live with the one I have... I want a nice one! canon g12!

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