gift wrapping ideas!

This is already the 13th Advent so... why not start the tuesday with some gift wrapping ideas? I hope you enjoy it..

And let the professionals from bestdesignoptions show you "how to impress your friends wrapping gifts". You will find 35 different wraps. Check it out!

And following this link you will find the cutest origami box ever! uhandblog is an awesome creative source, bookmark it!

Ellinee shows gives us also some nice wrapping options.

lapetitefashionista gives us some color with the cute colored ribbons and other nice ideas for your holiday wrapping! Worth!

The blog nicepackageblog has so many wrapping ideas, follow the following link to watch the video tutorial for this simple and stylish wrapping tutorial. A great creative source.

Here is a very nice gift wrap diy project, carefully crafted by the fabulous Summer Watkins over at Grey Likes Weddings. You can follow the whole tutorial at stylemepretty.


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