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The New York-based designer Vanessa Espinosa hails from the Philippines but her creations bring a sense of savvy urban explorer to the "island sun and uninhabited coves" of a far away land.

Born from the idea of departures and arrivals, 1 Per Diem is a downtown NY-based accessories company that has traveled far and wide to create an eclectic yet understated mix of luxury handbags and body adornments.
1 Per Diem is not just a brand. Our intent is to create pieces that adapt to your lifestyle, will wear well and loved like an heirloom piece. We share a common ground of enjoying the simple and finer things in life. Skipping stones. Chasing fireflies. Bike rides. Sun shining. Rustic cafes. Smell of freshly cut grass. {insert your thoughts}. 

Vanessa envisioned 1 Per Diem as a brand that celebrates quality, individuality and hand-craftsmanship. 1 Per Diem is an extension of her and is created to share a common ground for like-minded individuals. Her vision comes full circle as each piece is created locally and eventually finds a happy home enjoyed fully by its owner. Constantly inspired by city living and wanderlust, she moves forward to build this emerging brand to create accessories that will love you back. She continues to embrace the design philosophy of creating pieces that are functional and timeless while keeping the balance of a rustic-luxe aesthetic.

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