blog du jour: one year without zara

 What about showing interesting blogs from the web? This is one I've found 3 months ago, from a Brazilian girl from Sao Paulo. Her aim is to spend one year without shopping! Omg!!! However, if u can read portuguese - or spanish.. maybe you can understand- just visit umanosemzara and if you can, check it out its translated version following umanosemzara.inenglish.

I need to live a couple of years more to be able to do the same, she has an impecable wardrobe, with many many options, and I am just a student.. so first I need to gradute, then I need a job and then in a couple of years I can do the same. yay!

I am gonna go for a bike ride, so enjoy your monday!



2 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

beautiful blog!

Anônimo disse...

Ohh I love all those outfits so much! And Zara is definitely one of my fav!

Check out my blog and my first outfit:)


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Meg :)

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