almost x-mas!

They might not be all about Christmas but this is my choice for the weekend. I would love to have snow and some cold weather, it's kind of hard to get in the Christmas mood when outside everything is melting. I am now going to enjoy one of those classics! 

What are your plans for Christmas? Any movie recommendation???

1. Home Alone : a must see in Christmas

 2. The sweetest movie ever!!!Not just for xmas!

 3. The Slums of Beverly Hills, 1998 : i love this movie for so many different reasons.

4. Amelie: since Amelie came up, it makes part of the list of movies I am always up to watch! really nice.

Sorry for this post, I just wanted to share a little bit, even though is not about fashion and you guys might not be interested. Let's see what Santa is gonna bring me this year... all presents are coming with my parents in the first January week, so tomorrow is gonna be kind of sad.

I miss my friends, snow, hot tea and everything Christmas come with in Germany. I am glad to have the Sun shining and to be able to wear a bikini though... in fact it would be nice to have 15 days of snow here and then summer could take part again. I love New Year's eve in the southern part of the Ecuador though... it's nice to wear white clothes, jump waves, be on the beach... ohhhh soo lovely!


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