12 It Girls You'll Be Watching In 2012

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 Hannah Bronfman — While Hannah may be the daughter of Warner Music Group's Chairman, Edgar Bronfman, Jr., this recent Bard College graduate has paved her own path while not forgetting her roots. Known for her well-rounded creativity as well as throwing a killer party, Bronfman has proved that she is an Energizer bunny. She finds time to DJ around the city while also running her record label, her eco-friendly Green Owl clothing line, and her restaurant, Hotel Griffou, in the West Village.

Style: Big-City Bohemian

"Talent": This chick could already teach a class on being an entrepreneur.

Weird Quirks: MIA is her sister-in-law.

Does she DJ? Regularly

Brand most likely to poach her first: Miu Miu

  Grimes — Montreal-based musician Grimes (née Claire Boucher) is probably the most brilliant new artist we've heard this year (seriously, if "Vanessa" isn't the best song ever, you're crazy). Her otherworldly looks and status as a hipster darling set her up to be this year's Karen O, albeit with shorter bangs and more facepaint.

Style: Art-School Alien.

"Talent": Insane amounts (she's also an accomplished artist — check out her work, here).

Weird Quirks: A strong lisp, which comes across as nothing short of endearing. Does She DJ? Yep!

Brand Most Likely To Poach Her First: Mandy Coon

 The Courtin-Clarins Sisters — Rarely seen without at least one other sister, the Courtin-Clarins clan consists of daughters Virginie, Claire, Prisca, and Jenna Courtin-Clarins (yes, that Clarins). These blondes are Amazonian socialites (even if they weren't seated in the front row at fashion shows — like they usually are — they'd still be able to see). They've topped nearly ever best-dressed list around, and are way more interesting dressers than your average blue-blood NY party-hopper.

Style: A Mix of High And Really-High.

"Talent": Does looking good in photos count? If not, how about philanthropy?

Weird Quirk: They're each almost six feet tall.

Do They DJ? No

Brand most likely to poach them first: Theyksens' Theory 

  Azealia Banks — 21-year-old Azealia Banks released one of the most infectious tracks of the year (not to mention got us all hyped on Mickey Mouse sweatshirts again). We make sure that "212" blasts at every party we're at (sorry for being pushy, DJs…). Plus, it really takes a special sort of woman to make "Imma ruin you c***" as fun to say as "Whee!"

Style: Super-Fly Girl Next Door.

"Talent": Runneth over

Weird Quirk: She's starred in off-Broadway musicals, and is working with British producer Paul Epworth (Florence and the Machine). So yeah, you could say she's got chops.

Does She DJ? We don't think so, but we're sure she'd kill it.

Brand Most Likely To Poach Her First: Gerlan Jeans

 Cara Delevigne — This lanky young lady may be the sister of Poppy Delevigne and a general gal about town but this 17-year-old beauty is proving her status as a working girl after signing to Storm models and booking gigs in W, Vogue, and V magazines, not to mention campaigns for H&M and Burberry.

Style: Emmanuelle Alt-lite

"Talent": That stare stops us in our tracks.

Weird Quirks: None that we know of.

Does she DJ? Nope

Brand most likely to poach her first: Marc Jacobs

 Elle King — Part meow, part croon, Elle King's voice feels as cozy as a warm blanket. She plays her soulful folk music all around NYC, and we predict she'll be making the banjo the coolest accessory this side of PS1.

Style: Thrift Shop Betty Boop.

"Talent": That voice!

Weird Quirk: Did we mention the banjo?

Does She DJ? No

Brand Most Likely To Poach Her First: Jean Paul Gaultier

 Jemima Kirke — Starring in last year's Lena Dunham film, Tiny Furniture (as well as Judd Apatow's TV-show, Girls), actress Jemima Kirke is kind of an unintentional actress, never expecting to find herself starring in two hit productions loosely based on her own life as an elegant, entitled Manhattanite.

Style: 21st Century Annie Hall.

"Talent": Unintentional, like we said, but nonetheless, she's got it!

Weird Quirk? She was best friends with nutcase Paz de la Huerta in high school.

Does She DJ? No

Brand Most Likely To Poach Her First: Calvin Klein 

 Jenne Lombardo — We don't usually call mothers It Girls, so Jenne might just inspire us to use a different moniker to refer to her — It Superwoman. As the owner of consultancy group The Terminal Presents, and Global Fashion Director for W Hotels, Jenne kind of does it all (while making appearances in all the most FOMO-inducing party pics the day after).

Style: All Business Bad Ass.

"Talent": People pay oodles for Jenne's opinion.

Weird Quirk? Ever-changing hairstyles. It's bleached at the moment, but expect a whole rainbow of colors in the future.

Does She DJ? Nope

Brand Most Likely To Poach Her First: Nomia 

 May Kwok — New York born and bred, May Kwok is a PR Maven with a big nightlife presence. Known for her pro shopping abilities and killer taste in music, Kwok DJs at some of the city's best spots.

Style: Black on black on black.

"Talent": Do you count the ability to get even the most staunch wallflowers out and boogying (and we do)?

Weird Quirks: May admits to wearing Baby Phat as a kiddo in Queens.

Does she DJ? She had everyone at our Miami launch fete on their feet!

Brand most likely to poach her first: Alexander Wang


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