10 amazing food blogs!

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Refinery29 made us a list with 10 useful and interesting food blogs! Some of them we knew already, and some are just brand new entertainment for us.  Hope you guys like it, let us know if these links can be somehow useful.

The Vegan Stoner
Think vegan food is boring? Designers Sarah and Graham are here to prove you very wrong. The talented twosome are responsible for the scrumptious recipes and sweet illustrations over at The Vegan Stoner — a blog that promises inventive and hassle-free vegan cooking at the click of a mouse.

 Always With Butter
San Francisco baker Julie Marie Craig photographs hearty home-cooked meals and visits working farms and gourmet markets for her online memoir, Always with Butter. A master of still lifes, we reckon Jules’ colourful creations would look as good hanging on your wall as they do sitting on your table. 
 Smitten Kitchen
Deb is the NY-based writer and photographer behind the addictive Smitten Kitchen, a blog that features seasonal comfort food complete with how-to tutorials. Her effortless approach to eating has led to a Smitten Kitchen cookbook, whose fall '12 release we hungrily await.
Graphic designer and photo stylist Coco documents her quest to eat a gluten-, sugar-, dairy-, and grain-free diet in her intimate online food journal, Roost. The inspiring blog is as much a personal diary as it is an account of Coco’s pure and simple Southern-style cooking. 
  Island Menu
Island Menu is the brainchild of friends Samuel Shelley and Catherine Miller, who together source local Tasmanian produce to photograph and write up for their stunning food blog. The pair photograph their food adventures at home and abroad to tantalising effect.

 Spoon Fork Bacon
Dish up some tasty treats courtesy of the indulgent ideas over at Spoon Fork Bacon. Food stylist Jenny and photographer Teri produce drool-worthy recipes perfect for dinner parties and impromptu soirées. Plus, we love their names...Cinnamon & Star Anise-Infused Cranberry Awesome Sauce, anyone?
 Salad Pride
Liven up your lunch box with a little help from Salad Pride. Offering a tasty new salad recipe daily, the blog is written by Italian-food lover David, who has been bringing a different salad to work every day for a year and counting.
 Stone Soup
Using no more than five ingredients for any one recipe, Stone Soup contains handy tips for conserving food and is ideal for students and adults on a budget who don’t want to scrimp on taste. Author Jules Clancy also offers e-cookbooks and a virtual cooking school for chefs-in-training.
 The Dabble
Part-lifestyle and part-food blog, The Dabble documents Annie Wit’s experiments with food and furniture. Perhaps not the most obvious mix, Annie’s eclectic approach is part of the charm of this unpretentious blog. 
 Kinfolk, A Guide For Small Gatherings
For those of you who cook to entertain, you’ll love Kinfolk, A Guide For Small Gatherings. The whimsical journal captures the joy of sharing a meal with friends via a series of wonderfully voyeuristic posts documenting splendid get-togethers.
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