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Jil Sander’s Thin Blue Line
With this season’s inspiration heavily focussed on the '60s and '70s, it’s really no surprise that bold colors and liquid eyeliner keep cropping up. Marry the two, however, and you have one exceptional way to bring bright, vibrant makeup into your everyday beauty look—while managing to side-step the '80s. Thank goodness.

How To Pull It Off: This look is all about matte red lipstick, gleaming skin with a semi-matte finish, and perfectly applied winged eyeliner in a teal-blue shade. Start by prepping your skin with your favorite foundation, then finish off with a translucent powder to get that perfectly airbrushed look (that's still natural). Next, apply black eyeliner onto your upper lash-line, keeping the line as thin as possible. Then, grab your blue liquid liner and apply the product directly above the black line. Keeping your hands as steady as possible, work the color outwards, flicking the brush at the very end. Repeat on the other side. To finish, apply black mascara (or skip this step and keep your lashes bare), and apply a matte or semi-matte deep-red lipstick for a daringly seductive smile.

Tom Ford’s Color-Blocking BonanzaWho says color-blocking need only be reserved for your wardrobe? Not us. Or Tom Ford, apparently. Seen here on the almost unrecognizable Candice Swanepoel, this look shimmies us back to the dazzling days of Studio 54 (minus the crazy hair and sequins). Sure, there’s a lot going on, but working bright lips with contoured cheeks, or dark eyes with bright lips, is most definitely doable.

How To Pull It Off: First, decide whether you want to go all-out on the eyes and lips, or lips and cheeks. All three at once will walk you straight into '80s territory (oops, wrong way, go back!).

Once you’ve decided on your look, work with shades that are in the same family, keeping your lipstick and blush in tones that complement, rather than compete. Or, for a bold eye like this, stick to the same rules and think along the lines of blue-based reds on the lips with blue-based shadows on the eyes. Start by prepping your skin with your foundation, concealer, and translucent powder for that matte yet completely flawless finish. Now, apply your blush using a large powder brush, starting in the hollows of your cheeks and running the brush in the space underneath your cheekbones. Contouring is key here. Oh, and blend like your life depends on it.

If you’ve decided to opt for eyeshadow instead, work the shadow around the entire eye, keeping the lines perfectly blended and even. For a more intense look, add black eyeliner to your upper and lower lash-line; and finish off with your favorite black mascara. Don't forget to add a pop of silver in the inner corner of the eyes to help keep things bright. To complete the look, grab a blue-based red lipstick in a high-shine formula and apply to your lips with a lipstick brush. Add a clear high-shine gloss over the top for added punch. Smile, you look amazing!

Prada’s Peaches ‘N' Cream The flip-side to all this color is a fresh and dewy mix of more natural, neutral shades that are wearable, modern, and appropriate for all skin tones. This season, there was a resurgence in softer apricot tones, paired with taupes and muted browns for a perfect fall finish that Prada pulled off flawlessly. The good news? You can, too.

How To Pull It Off: The eyes have it with to-the-brow shadow and defined brows—your brows are hugely important in recreating this look as they frame your face and offset that high-flying apricot blush. Touches of color on the lips and cheeks add definition, rather than stealing the show.

Start by filling in your eyebrows with a brow pencil before grabbing your concealer, foundation, and powder, and doing your thing. You’ll also need an apricot-colored blush, soft-brown eyeshadow, and very soft taupey-pink lipstick for later.

Once you’ve set your base and filled in your brows, apply your blush by really working the brush into the area underneath your cheekbones to create definition and contouring. Don’t be afraid to take it high up your cheeks and out toward your hairline. Next, apply white eyeliner to your lower lash-line and gently sweep your eyeshadow across your eyelids, dusting all the way to the brow. Finish with mascara and lipstick.

by Yasemin Turker for refinery29


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