how to wear scarves...

there's always a new way to wear it...

1. The Prepster: This technique takes no skill and is pretty unoriginal but it always gets the job done. "Hollywood Hipsters" are seen sporting this look often.

2. The Monroe: A 50's classic that transcends the decades. Looks especially cute with bare shoulders or low necklines.

3. Bandito: This technique is easy and unisex. The look can vary depending on scarf size. I say the bigger the better.

4. Little Red Riding Hipster: Probably the weirdest scarf technique of all but it's the next big thing, says Refinery29

5. Frenchy: Similar to the Hipster Scarf Rolling technique I spotted earlier this year, but reversed. Also, reminiscent of the classic Frenchman scarf. Looks good on girly girls and dandy boys.

6. Ascot: The Englishman's answer to a tie. If you can pull this one off, you are probably cool.

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